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Bisexual - Meaning of Dream

If a young unmarried woman dreams that her boyfriend is a bisexual, it means that she is often very jealous. At the same time her jealousy has no basis. Hence this dream warns that her excessive emotionality can ultimately damage the relationship with potential partner. But the most important thing is that a dream with bisexual is usually seen by women who have love affair elsewhere. Therefore, before reproaching lover's infidelity, you should think about the cleanliness of your own reputation.

If a heterosexual dreamer sees himself as bisexual, it means that the number of his intimate relationships is beyond all reasonable limits. Besides, he is not concerned about his partners’ decency. Therefore, after such a dream it is better to organize own intimate life.

Being a bisexual in a dream book in by Miller is an omen that in the coming days you will have to make a responsible choice. A lot of things will depend on your right decision.

If you dream that you are dealing with a bisexual man, then you will meet or date with an extraordinary personality. Because of this meeting, you will change your attitude to life, and your belief that recently seemed to be solid as granite will change dramatically.

In a dream you are a bisexual, in real life be ready to make a difficult decision, while you are standing on a crossroads.

To talk to a bisexual means that a new acquaintance can be critical in your life.

For a young lady, to see that her boyfriend becomes a bisexual means that her jealousy will be groundless, at the same time she is the one who is not sinless.