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Bishop - Meaning of Dream

A bishop in your dreams is an unfavorable sign.

According to Miller’s book of dreams interpretations, a person who has seen a bishop in his/her dreams will struggle to arrange his/her affairs. There can be a real mess in them. It isn’t necessarily about business; it may be connected with your relations with the people who surround you as well as your life plans.

Consider this period as the time given to you to understand what you want and need from your life. Contemplate it thoroughly. Believe, everything will become clear then. Pursuing your aims is possible only if you know for sure what outcome you want to have in the end.

Also, a bishop image in your dream designates that because of your recklessness, you can suffer considerable financial losses in the nearest future. Don’t accept the first offer from your business partners. Firstly, weigh all pros and cons from dealing with them not to hit pitfalls. If you aren’t sure in your decision, don’t feel ashamed to ask for more time. During this period, you can consult with someone who is more experienced in this sphere. But it must be a person you totally trust! You can avoid any problems if you are reasonable.

If you don’t run your own business, but work for somebody, a bishop in a dream signals that rough times are coming. Due to some reasons (a crisis, financial hardship in a family, desire to save some money to invest them in something later) you will have to work really hard. So, be ready to such an unpleasant change in your life. Calm yourself down with the thought that it is temporary. Also, let your mind be directed exclusively at a final achievement. Having an image of your dream in front of your eyes is a perfect stimulus.

Take particular care of your state of health. Don’t diagnose yourself in any case because sometimes it costs a life! If something disturbs you, it is better to apply to a doctor. Keep in mind that starting a course of treatment in time can save a person’s life sometimes.

Seeing a bishop who has been lighting up a candle in a church or cathedral in your dream foreshadows mental crisis. There can be a period in your life which will be rather difficult in a psychological aspect. You will be confused, apathetic and disappointed. Try to liquidate the reasons for it. Then your depressions will die out.