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Bitterness - Meaning of Dream

Taste sensations during a dream are directly related to the emotions experienced by people who see the dream.

The meaning of dreams about the taste sensations such as bitter or hot is relatively easy to interpret.

If you dream that you eat spicy food - most likely it is a sign of some quarrels and discussions around you. As for the bitter and salty tastes, it usually means disappointment.

Bitterness in a dream can mean any event after which you received painful experience. This can be a sad memory of something that happened in the past; or inevitable accident, which is hard to accept.

To dream of bitterness means to worry about events or people that do not cause anything but hostility and bitterness.

Bitterness as feeling is usually associated with pain or resentment that still has not passed.

Bitterness may be related to emotional pain, rejection, injustice, missed opportunities, hostility from colleagues or loved ones, unfulfilled dreams or hopes. A person can experience bitterness if the results of efforts are much worse than were expected.

Bitterness in a dream can literally mean the event or emotional shock, from which you have a bitter memory. Bitter aftertaste of such events can’t let a person live a quiet and happy life.

Only occasionally bitterness can mean something really good. According to Christian belief, bitterness is something that carries a health benefit, but oriental dream interpreters do not agree with this assumption.

In order to understand what bitterness means, you should try to sort out what it can be linked to.