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Blackberry - Meaning of Dream

A blackberry in our dreams is a rather contradictory image. Authors of different books of dreams interpretations decipher it in their own way. We’ll be objective and provide you with all possible interpretations of it.

Miller’s interpretations are more depressing than Longo’s ones.

According to Miller, seeing a blackberry in your dreams betokens misfortunes of different kinds which include serious diseases. You should be very attentive to the state of your health not to miss some symptom which can trigger an illness. Don’t grudge money and time for treatment. Remember that it is your life at stake.

Gathering blackberries in a dream presages failures. If you have been eating them, such a dream portends losses. Bear in mind that sometimes it is more important how we meet some situation than the situation itself.

Being entangled in blackberry bushes in your dream is an extremely unfavorable sign which betokens a run of very hurtful events. Beware of them! Take all corresponding measures to avoid or neutralize them.

Longo’s interpretation of this dream sign is positive.

He affirms that if you have seen a blackberry/blackberries in your dream, it bodes a miracle in your life. Something that will significantly astonish you will happen very soon. It will be so unbelievable and amazing that you cannot call it differently than a miracle.

But if you have been gathering blackberries in your dream, it denotes that you are such a person who tries to do everything at once to be free as soon as possible. This dream is given to you to make you understand that it is impossible to reach good results with such an approach. It comes out that your work is of low quality. Reconsider your attitude toward this problem.

To find yourself in blackberry bushes tangle in a dream means that unbelievable luck will come out of the blue. All your beginnings will be more successful than you could imagine. It is a real cherry-pie. Use it sensibly.

Ripe blackberries in your dream characterize you as a balanced person. You know exactly what you want from life and always act according to your convictions. Such traits of character make other people respect you. An opposite dream (with green blackberries) signifies that it is better to postpone some business for some time. It isn’t the best time for its implementing.