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Blade - Meaning of Dream

Blade is a symbol of career development. It portends quick advancement in the career with the assistance of everybody around, even the enemies. Therefore, all enemy’s mantraps and misfortune should be treated much as joy and help in an important matter.

If you dream of the blunt blade, and you check its sharpness without cutting your hands, it tells that someone requires your help. This may be a child left without an adult, or an old man crossing the road. In the coming days you should pay attention to the world around; someone was left alone and needs salvation. At the same time, for your help the fate will praise you with great joy and happiness; you can’t miss this moment.

If the blade cut your hands until blood, in the near future there will be a conflict situation, you have to be prepared for it and do not show excessive aggression. All the quarrels may arise because of your irritability. This will have a negative impact on the state of people around. Therefore it is necessary to drink a sedative medication, or respond to the attacks of anger with a smile and tranquility.

If you dreamed of a knife or other arm blanche blade, this is a sign of quick festive events. It is worth to prepare carefully, probably close friends will call you to dinner or a party. But the rusty surface, or the blade stained with food, blood, or mud portends the beginning of the work which will not bring great benefits.

This is a negative dream, and the circumstances can be fixed only with vigilance and the ability to take control over the situation. A dream about blade will help to determine the difficult question. If there is a danger of being cut with a blade, the answers to the questions will be negative. If you threaten somebody with a blade, it tells that the most cherished affairs will have positive and profitable results.