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Blood-stroke - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you saw your own blood-stroke, in the very near future you will be scared by something a lot. Fortunately, this won’t have adverse effects; however, such a dream on Sunday or Friday night predicts that experienced stress is most likely to be serious.

If you saw a close person suffering a stroke, this dream tells that you will be the reason of this person’s fear. If this person can’t move because of a stroke, it bodes that your friend will be offended for quite a long time. A stroke of a stranger is a herald of a trouble. It seems that thanks your actions people around will be trapped in a stressful situation. If you were able to get rid of stroke, this dream portends relatively quiet times.

According to Miller, if you observe a blood-stroke, it foretells unpleasant conversations and minor ailments. For a young woman, this dream indicates her complete satisfaction with her unmarried status. Sick relatives portend an unexpected event that can ruin your well-being.

Vanga stated that stroke in a dream should not be taken tragically. The Bible treats the disease as a kind of punishment for sins committed. For a person, this dream is a warning: it's time to reconsider the values of life and own position, clear thoughts and feelings. If you suffer from a severe stroke, in reality you have committed a bad deed and reproach yourself for a moment of weakness.

If you see the stroke of a loved one, it is a sign that in the reality your family needs attention and support. If you see the crowd of people dying from a stroke, this dream predicts environmental disaster. If you recover from a stroke, in reality you will happily avoid unpleasant situation.

Stroke in Freud's dream book, for a woman portends suffering from unfulfilled desires. Most likely, she has not yet met her lover, who would be able to fully satisfy her, and because of this a woman feels frigid. For men this dream foretells decreased libido and impotence.

If you look at sick people in a dream, it tells that you do not have any problems in the intimate sphere. Your private life is varied and complete.