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Blouse - Meaning of Dream

If a young girl dreams of wearing a snow-white blouse, in reality she risks losing her man because of extremely thoughtless and imprudent behavior.

If you go out in a torn blouse - in reality ready to failure and close contact with stupid and dim-witted people. Dirty blouse portends contagious disease.

If you inadvertently put on a blouse inside out, it means that you will face severe problems and troubles at work.

Beautiful blouse in a dream book by Miller predicts that a girl will be able to attract attention of men because of her good manners and the ability to keep up an intelligent conversation.

If a blouse in your dream was torn, you will be blamed for morally unacceptable act.

If you are a woman and you dreamed of trying on a new blouse in front of a mirror, it means that you have to fight with a rival for your man. You will manage this task successfully and will feel love of your darling, in case in a dream you take care of your figure in order to fit in a nice blouse.

If you refuse to wear unfashionable blouse, you will break up relations with your present-day friends in favor of new love affairs or events that will radically change your nature.

If you wore a yellow blouse, then you will enjoy success in the financial sphere and will take part in some fun entertainment.

Blue blouse is a forerunner of implementation of hopes and wishes.

Crimson or red blouse prophesies deliverance from enemies. Green blouse promises a good chance for happiness and prosperity.

If you get upset because a new blouse didn’t fit you, this dream foretells a mistake in a business venture.

If you lost a blouse - you have to overcome obstacles and interference in business affairs.

Dirty blouse in a dream is a sign of deception and betrayal. Be very careful while interacting with strangers and unfamiliar people, do not tempt fate.

In a dream you choose a blouse in a shop, it means that you may have dubious pleasures.

If a blouse is very bright and fashionable – be prepared for financial failures.

If you hand your blouse or a dress to dry up, it is a sign of sudden appearance of a rival.