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Bludgeon - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you were holding a bludgeon, it portends that you have to make some important decision that will completely change your life. You will spend many hours or even days in endless thoughts about own destiny and lives of loved ones. Do not hurry, meticulously think through every step, evaluate arguments and only then proceed with decisive action.

If a stranger was holding a bludgeon, it forebodes that you are going to meet a bad and authoritarian person, who will completely subjugate you. If you severely beat someone with a bludgeon, this dream foretells you an open confrontation with the detractors. Apparently, they will go beyond the limits and will not leave you any chance to resolve the conflict peacefully.

If you were beaten with a bludgeon, you should treat this dream as a warning: do not get in the way of influential and wealthy people; otherwise they will act against you with most radical methods that will not end up good.

Miller interpreted a dream about the attack with a bludgeon as a fact that in real life a dreamer is getting ready for a battle with foes that will end up in dreamer’s unconditional victory. If you beat someone with a bludgeon - alas, but soon you will finally break up the relationship with your partner and being unable to hold back own emotions, you will start a grand scandal, recalling all the offenses which took place in your union.

If you were hit by a bludgeon, Vanga interpreted it as a serious slippage which can be beneficial for your enemies. Do not despair; you will need time to ensure a more reliable protection against your enemies. If you successfully dodged a bludgeon, most likely, in reality, you have a happy knack to get out of the most confusing and sometimes hopeless situations, and that demonstrates your wisdom and initiative. If you defended someone of your relatives from a bludgeon, it bodes that carelessness and thoughtlessness of your relatives will cost you a pretty penny.