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Blue - Meaning of Dream

As a rule in the interpretation of dreams clairvoyants and fortune tellers rely on images and surroundings which a person sees in a dream, it is a projection of his consciousness. But some authors of dream books decided to approach the interpretation of the dreams by drawing the analogy between color perception and the reality of a dreamer.

In general, explanation of dreams with blue color is associated with peace, relaxation, wisdom, devotion and sincerity.

If you dream of a blue color, it tells that you are optimistic, and spiritually calm, but at the same time it foretells something sad.

If a dreamer sees blue clothes, it might mean that he/she is a creative personality, he/she never tells anybody about own problems, and believes that it is better to solve own problems, than to cry about it.

When a dreamer sees a blue room, it portends financial difficulties in upcoming future.

A girl who had a blue outfit may face mental anguish.

But the blue sky without clouds is a good sign. Life will be transformed, and a dreamer will have a chance to get rid of duties which burden.

Also a sense of peace and well-being may be a consequence of a dream in which you see a blue shimmer.

Sometimes you may see crystal-clear blue water, this dream means that you must pay attention to own needs.

If you see jewels of light blue color, it may portend some problems in life. Pale-blue color sometimes shows the sex of unborn child.

Pale blue highlights in a dream portend that the chosen way of achieving goal is true and worth sticking to it.

Blue birds in a dream are the harbingers of hope and liberation.

The blue haze in a dream bodes that a dreamer will lead and implement a big project.

If a blue color emits light, it may signal of the need to relax and unwind from everyday worries.

Sometimes a blue color may indicate the need for thrills and the acquisition of new romantic relationships and feelings. Also it signals about impending problems and deterioration of health.

Worsening of relations with relatives may be the reason of a dream where you see the room with blue interior.

If you dreamed of a blue rose, in the near future you will need to relax, not paying attention to others and their possible obsession. In any case, you must avoid detractors; if necessary communicate with them only in business. It is possible that after some time you will be rewarded for your patience.

Different dream books of famous healers and clairvoyants will tell you more about your dream.

In the dream book of Catherine the Great it says, that if a dreamer has concentrated his attention on a blue color, in everyday life he/she preserved the purity of his/her motives. Such people, in spite of all the vicissitudes of everyday life, remain reliable, noble and incorruptible companions.

Healer Akulina indicates a blue color in a dream, as a favorable sign that entails luck. Next day after such a dream it is favorable to begin new businesses.

Dream book of Henry Rommel describes the blue as a symbol of protection against evil forces, warns of wrong decisions. Clear blue skies, crystal clear blue water, blue light are the auspicious dreams, a good start for a new day.

Psychoanalytic dream interpreter treats a blue color as a pledge of spiritual energy, as well as intellectual development.

Denise Linn believes that if in a dream you constantly see a blue color, it is necessary to spiritually cleanse and relax. It is desirable to go to church, light a candle and pray for the health and repose.

Perhaps the most optimistic is a modern dream interpretation, where the blue color shows the performance of all desires. Blue sky is a good sign meaning that life will be easier and you will have the opportunity to get rid of many difficulties and problems.

No need to get upset a lot if the interpretation describes failure, sorrow or negative expectations. The dream can be affected by so many factors in the morning, and not always you memorize it correctly, moreover it requires more details which you've seen at night.