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Blueberry - Meaning of Dream

Not everyone knows what exactly can a dream with berry mean, although such a dream, in almost all cases, has a positive meaning. For example, if a dreamer sees a lot of wine berries, it portends that in upcoming future a joyful event will happen in his/her life, which will bring a lot of happiness.

Also, in order to correctly interpret a dream you have to try to remember all its details and subtleties. For example, seeing dried berries or jam made of berries signifies that there will be only well-being ahead. Success in almost all activities is guaranteed for you for a long time; and undertakings committed in the very near future will be profitable.

Eating blueberries tells that very soon rather obnoxious guests will visit your house. Picking up blueberries forebodes that in foreseeable future you will get acquainted with a pleasant young man. Most often, such a dream is seen by young and unmarried girls.

If you eat blueberries with big appetite, it warns you to be ready for some unexpected surprise ahead. Depending on whether the berries were tasty or not, the meaning of a dream can be decrypted - delicious berries mean a pleasant event, and sour and unappetizing – mean that the news is not very pleasant and can seriously upset you.

In order to decipher the meaning of a dream in most accurate way, you need to try to remember all the subtleties and its nuances.