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Boa - Meaning of Dream


Boa in the dream, is a symbol of strength, both physical and even psychological. It is also the risk of suffocation, which borders with the simultaneous sense of calm. All of this Vanga explained in relation to the boa’s behavior. Therefore it is necessary to remember how you saw it in the dream and find the best interpretation.

So, if in the content of a dream, boa kills its prey, then the reality the dream carries the following meanings, you will be adversely influenced by authorities and will experience great pressure. And your position is that you do not know what you should do: to obey the order and forget about own internal contradictions, or act intuitively depending on your inner ideas. The choice is yours, but in the second case it is complicated by the fact that it will be absolutely opposite to the boss’ opinion.

Also Vanga explains that if you are afraid of a boa, which crawls by you, this is an indication of real fear in life, when a person is very indecisive. Such indecision is expressed in defending own interests, when a person is afraid to directly express own disagreement on a particular occasion.

Another meaning of the dream is when you struggle with a boa it means that in reality you will have to start a fairly complex argument with another person. You have to defend own point of view in all ways and means, despite the fact that the opponents will be quite in a large number.

Perhaps this situation will occur at work, when the next offer will be subject to unfair criticism.

Freud became interested in the interpretation of dreams, noting that a lot of people are trying to tell about their visions of the night. In the course of psychoanalytic sessions he tried to ask questions about patients attending thoughts in connection with the individual elements of dreams. Moreover professor said that such associations often reveal the hidden meaning of dreams. Freud then tried using external content of emerging associations and recreated a hidden meaning of dreams.

As confirmed by Sigmund Freud dream book, to the symbolism of manhood professor connected objects similar in shape or functions with it.

In total Freud counted over a hundred special symbols for male genitalia. These specific codes help to articulate problems in intimate sphere and competently resolve them.

The answer to the question, what boa means in the dream is obvious: it corresponds to the classical Freudian symbol of the phallus. This dream indicates the dreamer's rich sexual opportunities. If your subconscious operates only this subject in the dream, it means that you should be diligent.