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Boar - Meaning of Dream

Wild boar is a symbol of aggression. This animal in nature can pose a serious threat to anyone who stands on its way. Unbridled temper of wild boars is a well-known fact. It is not surprising that this image has such a negative interpretation.

Moreover, wild boar is traditionally associated with hunting. This, even more ancient symbol gives a definite direction for the interpretation of dreams about wild boars.

If you run away from a boar that haunts you through the woods, it is a warning. It is better to avoid any quarrels in real life. Even trifling scandal is able to drastically change your life, and it will be problematic to change the situation back.

If you fight with a boar, which is quite aggressive, you should be careful. Attacking animal in a dream is the image of a wicked man, capable to harm in reality. It is good, if you meet the danger face to face – you do not escape from the boar, and start to fight with it. Such a dream tells that all the secrets will be revealed and machinations of enemies will be noticeable.

The wounded boar in a dream is a signal of impending victory. If you manage to kill the animal, all your plans and desires will come true.

If you caught a wild boar, it is a symbol of upcoming victories. Fleeing wild boar is a good omen. If you chase a wild boar, in reality you will feel a great joy; good news will affect financial life.

But if you cook this animal, it is not a good dream. If you eat a dish made of a wild boar, you should think about your health. If you take preventive measures, you won’t have any serious problems.

You can see a dream about a boar in the zoo or in the barnyard. The general atmosphere and background is not as significant, more importantly, is how it looks like. Indeed, a boar is a symbol of money and the general welfare. Well-fed animal is a good sign, promising success in affairs and enviable career.

But a sick, underfed, tired boar, it tells that you will feel the reversal of fortune.

Surprisingly, but calm, resting wild boar is not a good dream. It warns about some kind of influence which may appear in any sphere.

If you feed a wild boar, take care of it, and it looks good, in reality it may end up in big wealth. Maybe the sums won’t be large, still the financial situation will get better.

If you hear boar’s squeals, it may portend some troubles; however if it came from afar, you will manage to avoid problems.