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Boat - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a boat easily plowing the clean and calm water surface, this is a sign of good luck. The dream says that you will have easy time of success and prosperity. Especially good is if you see the sun shining brightly in your dream.

If you sit in a boat not alone but together with other people, who paddle, the dream tells that the communication with real friends can bring you a lot of joy.

For a woman, a dreaming, as if her boat floats from one bank to another and never docks, signifies that she has difficulties when making a final choice between the two young men.

A lonely empty boat far out in the sea forebodes a breakup with a loved one. Depending on the condition of the sea you can determine the feelings which will accompany the separation. If the sea is rough with dark water, the separation will be accompanied by flashes of negative emotions. It is important to recall whether something pops up from the depths to the surface. If "yes", such a dream tells about hitherto hidden facts of the past.

According to dream books, the water is life itself. The quality of dreamer’s life depends on the water condition in a dream. A boat is closely connected to the water; therefore this symbol has a special and important meaning.

Also, a lot depends on the surrounding, a person who runs a boat, its appearance, and feelings about the journey in general. For correct interpretation, all the symbols should be combined with others.

A broken boat, on the rocks or uncontrolled - is an alarming sign. It can mean the stagnation in business, and inability to control own life. This happens when a person feels lonely and has no positive life attitude.

In general, this symbol doesn’t foretell big losses and troubles. But if you are still worried, you should understand that dreams often only warn, and it is possible to correct the situation or prevent a lot of events.