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Bog - Meaning of Dream


Anyone understands that dream about bog, is a pretty alarming sign. It is the harbinger that business in any sphere can fail. You need to pay attention to what specifically your body performs during this time period. Maybe this warning relates to health, then you should pay attention to the state of your health, otherwise the disease (most likely because of a nervous disorder or fatigue) will be protracted and intractable.

If you expect to accept the inheritance, the greater likelihood is that your expectations will be in vain. The dream also suggests that any imprudent step in current affairs may entail negative consequences. However, you should not treat the dream one-sided or uniquely. You need to remember what feelings and emotions accompanied you in the dream. If emotions were negative, there is no reason to feel great anxiety.

Dream, is your unique assistant, but purely personal assistant. Whatever is the interpretation of dreams, you should treat it only based on own senses. Because each person has own palette of feelings, colors, and emotions; therefore it is illogical to select only one of few words and primitively check its meaning.

By itself, a dream about swamp is a harbinger of future failures. What sphere of activity it will affect, you can tell depending on the hints that you see in the dream. You need to remember all the characters of the dream and after than make conclusions.

After such dream your relationship with a loved one will remind a quagmire; or you will break up. But if you managed to get out of the swamp, it is a clear hint that there will be a successful outcome of the event, but all the same it is necessary to pay close attention to such dream.

You can’t perceive all dreams as a fatality. After all, the brain simply brings information in the form of a warning. And only you are empowered to correctly treat your dream. "Forewarned, forearmed", this is the main rule when interpreting dreams.

If you dream of a bog, where there are a lot of living creatures: frogs, worms, and insects, this dream foretells difficulties in cases involving professional activities. And living beings, symbolize colleagues who will observe what is happening and will not help in solving the problems.

If you wander through the swamp in search of the road to home, it means that in real life you need to look for a proper solution to the existing problems. Bogged down in the swamp, is a sign of a threat of danger to life. It is worth to be careful and attentive.

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