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Boiling water - Meaning of Dream

Do not worry, if in a dream you saw hot boiling water. You should try to remember the dream as specific as possible, and recall your actions concerning boiling water. If you were afraid of scalding or something like that, you should be careful, as this dream may be perceived literally.

If, on the contrary, hot water was used to prepare a good cup of tea, this dream is favorable. In this case it is important to know the particular interpretation of a dream, not only out of normal human curiosity, but also in order to predict future, and see what should be avoided.

Most often, boiling water is a warning before some trouble. No wonder, that you will wait for something bad, if scalded with boiling water in a dream.

If you were scalded with boiling water in a dream, it portends that the circumstances in life will lead to troubles or one very bad incident.

If you pour the boiling water and observe strong and thick vapor, it states that you risk being trapped in a very difficult situation, and it will be hard to find the way out.

But if you drank boiling water in a dream without fear of scalding or any consequences, it portends a happy event in the near future or successful outcome of a dangerous enterprise, conducted by you.

If you used a boiler to heat the water, you should beware because danger may appear from nowhere and at time when you don’t wait for it. In this case, you should be careful and try not to get into trouble; moreover it is better to think several moves ahead.

If you do not perform any actions with the boiling water, this is a warning that someone tries to affect your life adversely. But if you dreamed of scalds, the interpretation depends on the time of the year when you saw such a dream. In summer, it means that soon you will find a big and strong love, in spring – you will catch a cold, in autumn - someone will offend you, and in winter – you will face troubles.