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Bomb - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you heard the explosion of bomb, symbolizes your anxiety and worry about the important matter. It seems that the circumstances will develop most inappropriately, or someone tries to interfere and harm you, but your fears are unfounded and empty. The only thing that can stop you from realizing our plans is your suspiciousness, so you should liquidate all the excitement and act boldly.

Dreaming of air raid dropping bombs is unfavorable sign, warning that in reality you will become an unwitting witness of an accident or an extremely unpleasant incident of the conflict.

In a dream you watch the explosion of a nuclear bomb from a safe distance, then soon you will be worried about future and fear the unknown, but your anxiety will be groundless, and after a while you will find the way out to any situation that caused your concerns.

Disarming a bomb means that you will be on the edge of doing a risky venture and eventually will be a winner. This case will fully fulfill all your wildest expectations and will bring considerable profit.

If in a dream you are creating a homemade bomb, it is a warning that all your invested money and time will not bring any result, as the deal does not pay for itself and will end up in a fiasco.

If a woman had such a dream, it means that her attempts to attract the attention of men will not bring any results - her feelings remain unrequited.

Due to a dream interpreter, bomb is a warning about upcoming threat which you will unable to reject.

In a dream you want to explode a bomb in order to scare somebody, such a dream means that everybody will turn their backs on you.

Bomber in a dream is a prognostic of danger from afar. Be careful, especially if you see an actual bombing.

If you see bombing in a dream, somebody will try to offend or manipulate you, watch your back in order not to be humiliated.

To encounter air attack in dream foretells you troubles in real life, which will be difficult to solve.

To be injured in bombing means that condition of your health will worsen and it will unsettle you.