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Bone - Meaning of Dream

A dream about gnawed bones is a call to care of own health. If you choked with a bone, it foretells that you risk taking an imprudent step and suffering from it later on. If you see one bone far away from the general pile, this dream portends mental torment, and decline of social status.

If you scrunch the bone, this is a sign that you have extraordinary resilience and a large amount of energy. If you dreamed of an old skeleton, this is a herald of the death of a close one.

If you dream of dried bones, this is an indication of premature old age.

If you fed a dog with a bone, in reality you need to look around: a stranger can become your great friend, able to support in difficult times.

The bone can’t be interpreted unambiguously. On the one hand, the bone is the personification of health and strength, on the other hand - sudden pain, stroke of fate. If a bone is fresh and has not yet begun to crumble, this is a warning of a possible betrayal of someone whom you considered as a close friend and comrade.

If you see your own bones, this is a sign of disease. The bones of the dead foretell a major trouble, perhaps even a threat to the life of loved ones.

If you painted the bones in faded colors, it reflects your hope to hide own fears and secrets; bright colors - an attempt to show off. If you dig up the bones buried in the ground, it signifies that you will get free service.

If you construct a tower of the bones, it indicates the triumph of willpower and determination over passivity and laziness.

A dream, in which you were crumbling the bones, tells that you will destroy your dreams. If you scrape the bones from the meat, it is a sign that all your hopes are illusory, and it is unlikely that the efforts will be paid off. If you make a decoration out of the bones, you should pay attention to the financial side of your life, it requires some changes.

Half-decayed bones of the deceased, portends unpleasant situations that have been long forgotten, but the consequences will be visible soon.

If you dreamed of the dog’ fighting for one old bone, it portends disappointment with very dear person.

A dream, in which you treat your guests with gnawed bones, is a harbinger of unpleasant situation provoked by your negligence. Its consequences can cause a negative reaction of others, which can cause loneliness. However, this can be avoided if you timely prevent the rash actions.