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Bonfire - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of bonfire and food prepared on it, it foreshadows a party with unpredictable consequences. If you cook a lot of meat on the bonfire, it can lead to fights, and serious quarrels.

If you kindled the fire in the wrong place: in the room or at the workplace, this is a signal of reconciliation with family or friends. But if the fire damaged this place, everything around is sooty and dirty, on the contrary, it portends contention and disagreement.

If you try to extinguish the bonfire with water, the dream tells you not to gossip about others, because these actions will turn against you and your revenge will fail.

Small and weak bonfire, which you see in the distance or from the window, is a reflection of someone’s secret passion or love.

If you bask next to the bonfire in the dark forest, you will find a protector; for women - secured lover. Bright and quiet bonfire, generally, portends events associated with the opposite sex - love, friendship, reconciliation. If the fire poses danger in a dream, get ready for quarrels and disagreements in reality.

If you kindle the fire purposefully, it tells that you quietly move towards your goal, not paying attention to the opinions of others and without fearing of condemnation.

If you see that a bonfire burns high and straight, and people peacefully sit beside, it tells that your actions are justified, and all your undertakings will soon bring the expected results and earn the approval of others.

Difficulties when kindling the fire portend insurmountable failures that can spoil your mood. Bonfire with dark, abundant smoke, sparks, and restless bright flame, is a hint to pay more attention to the opinion of others.

Fading fire and embers indicate that the current situation is nearing competition. But if you see others kindling the bonfire with quite unsuitable things, this bodes the attack of enemies.

If a married person kindles the bonfire with a partner, this is a sign of possible cheating in marriage. But if you just sit next to the bonfire and enjoy it with a spouse or loved one, it portends a long and happy life together.

In general, fire symbolizes carnal love, a new romance, the relationship that does not end up in marriage, but is still quite positive.

Not a good dream is the fading bonfire or, on the contrary, rapid inflammation, all of this leads to quarrels with beloved that might end up in rupture.

If you see someone’s faces in the bonfire, this is not a good dream - these people need your help. In any case, every dream is a kind of a warning. You should not miss anything good and avoid the bad.