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Book post - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you receive a book post parcel, it is an auspicious symbol, significant improvement in your physical well-being. You will experience gain in wages or expanding of own business, and in everyday affairs you will have good luck.

If you receive some very important documents with book post, be ready for significant improvement of your status in society - soon you will meet and become friends with influential people, and will be respected in other people esteem.

A dream, where a courier delivers a book post parcel but you can not understand what is inside, is a bad omen, because soon you will have a disease or a quarrel with a close friend.

If you receive a book post delivery by mistake, be prepared for the troubles caused by troublesome duties assigned to you by a boss or someone of your family members.

Dreaming of a parcel with a few books is a signal that you have to get down to business, which will require considerable intellectual load. Sometimes, this dream is a clue that you need to upgrade your skills or enhance your knowledge base in order to get a promotion at work.

If you dream as if you are afraid to unpack a parcel was sent to you, in reality you are a very cautious and prudent person. These features helped you out in the past, so you should continue making decisions with preview of the situation.

If you sent something by book post, it means that in real life you will make a pleasant surprise to somebody.