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Boots - Meaning of Dream

Boots in a dream symbolize improvement of material wellbeing and luck in all undertakings.

If you see torn boots, be careful, somebody tries to cause you troubles. Try to preserve composure in order not to reply to offenses. Torn boots in a dream is a sign of obstacles and difficulties on the way to your goal. Be cautious, competitors try to ruin your plans.

If boots have holes and water can easily come inside be ready for betrayal. Cleaning boots in a dream means troubles and fuss.

In a dream you buy new boots it is a sign of a big luck, sometimes marriage.

If you lose your boots in a dream, in real life be ready for expenses.

To see black boots in a dream is a sign of your success, things are starting to be better than previously. All your hopes will come true.

If you see red boots, it means passionate love relations; temporary intimate intrigues will cause you pleasant emotions.

White boots is a symbol of a beautiful wife.

Yellow boots is a warning of upcoming disease, which your wife might have.

If you are wearing dirty boots, you will do useless efforts, don’t try hard, everything will be in vain. You will communicate too much with partners, who will not contribute the growth and development of your business plans.

To wear boots on your feet is a good sing. Soon you will receive pleasant news or unexpected present.

If somebody steals your boots in a dream, it means that you will waste your money in life. Be more alert and agile.