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Border - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which the border is seen in an area similar to the underground, indicates that in reality a dreamer recalls his/her memories from the past, thinking whether the moral prohibitions were correctly installed, or he/she could afford more in life. If you arrange a boundary strip by yourself, it foretells that in the near future you will arrange all affairs in order.

If other people help you to set a border, it portends that soon your business will improve because of the help of associates and assistants. Also this dream means that currently a dreamer can do business: he/she has all the conditions. If you listen to the voice of the subconscious mind and pay attention to this hint, starting a new business will be successful, and it will have the most favorable prospects.

Border in a dream mainly refers to the inner, spiritual state of a person. But in some cases, these dreams can report possible change of residence.

To cross the border illegally in a dream reflects worries about performing a dishonest action. To leave on a business assignment abroad warns that you have to beware of competitors who prepare mischief.

To cross the border without documents signifies that you are drawn to adventure a lot.

If a dreamer is sending letters and postcards to another country, it portends tears and sadness. Thus, in order to understand what a dream about boundary means, you should consider all circumstances.

To dream of the border of a distant large unfamiliar city signifies that a dreamer wants to become famous. Entering into this city means well-being, and fulfillment of wishes.

Border in a dream might look very unusual. For example, the curtain covering the panorama of further view may be considered as a border. Such dreams are mostly seen away from the homeland, when there is no connection with relatives.

Basically border symbolizes inhibitions. In a dream it can be expressed not only by border pillars or customs post. Red light is also a prohibition sign - a kind of border posts, which can be crossed only under certain conditions.