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Bottle - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming about any kind of a bottle is a good omen, particularly if it is not empty but filled with water/liquid.

If you receive/hind a message in a bottle, it is a symbol of message in real life, but this message will be absolutely surprising.

If a bottle is clean and clear – you will finally find clarity in life. If it is open – you are an extravert, if a bottle is closed – you are an introvert (isolated in own inner world).

A bottle of wine signifies that you will have a good and secured future. To walk into a cellar full of wine bottles means to have the most pleasant impressions in the nearest future.

If a bottle is completely empty – you will have an enemy who will blackmail you with your secret. If it has water – it means new acquaintance. Bottle with milk means richness and health.

Plastic bottle in the dream means that dreamer’s future will be vapid and unhappy.

If it contains an alcohol drink - you will have joy and entertainment soon.

To open a bottle bodes that you will have an uninvited visitor in your house in real life.

Broken bottle is a symbol of fights and disease.

A bottle with sugar syrup means marriage with a joyful woman. A bottle with oil means that a bride will be too religious and her family will be quite rich.

According to Vanga, bottles symbolize all sorts of restrictions and unpredictability. If you dreamed that you wanted to pour contents out of the bottle, but it was already empty, then you can’t change an unpleasant situation in your life.

If somebody pours a completely new drink out of the original bottle, it foretells that soon you will know that your relatives are extremely unpredictable. If you break or drop a bottle, and cut yourself with its parts, it is a sign of losses and the machinations of enemies.

If you accidentally spilled the contents of the bottle, it means that someone will visit you unexpectedly.

If you see yourself recycling empty bottles it means that you will give in your weaknesses. If you proceed with the same behavior, you may have many problems.

You stand in a queue for water, in fear that you will not get it, and you see precious water dropping in a bottle, but on the way home, in spite of caution water bottle brakes: this dream predicts that in the future you will witness an ecological catastrophe.