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Bottom - Meaning of Dream

If you stand on the steep cliff and mentally estimate the depth and bottom of the pond, it's evidence that your position is poor. You know how fragile the soil under your feet is; and the work which you have planned is too adventurous.

If you deep dive and feel the bottom of the river, you will be busy with all sorts of trouble, which will fully absorb you.

If a dreamer is drowning in the sea, river or other body of water, but suddenly feels the bottom, it bodes that fortune will not leave in the lurch.

If you drop some object on the bottom of a deep pond, be ready for unplanned purchase. New thing will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

A dreaming about the bottom of a glass indicates that you are proud of own success in a romantic relationship. Your amorous adventures are certainly impressive, but it is not necessary to tell everyone about it.

If you clean the burnt bottom of a kitchen pan, it signifies that there are jealous people among your close friends. Their actions may hinder your affairs. Thus, you need to be attentive and despite the pretense of these hypocrites stop their intrigues.

In Miller’s dream book you can find the interpretation to the following dream. If you stand at a cliff and throw stones in order to determine the depth, but you can’t hear the characteristic echo of rock hitting the bottom, thus you understand that it is bottomless abyss. Such a dream is a warning that the business that you have started is extremely risky. You know about it, so you have not yet decided whether to continue or discontinue these adventurous activities. Unfavorable sign is to pour water into the upside down container. It portends a serious error that will cause bitter feelings.

Bottom in the dream book by Vanga is basically a harbinger of unpleasant or even tragic events. Extremely unfavorable sign is to look at the bottom of the sea. This is a harbinger that a relative or a friend of a dreamer might pass away. If you walk along the sea, river or lakeside bottom, it means that your life is in danger originated by supernatural evil. If you touch the bottom during the dive - you will see the terrible event. Perhaps it will be some sort of accident or even disasters related to water.