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Bow - Meaning of Dream

Bow in a dream is a good sign of sudden pleasant events, especially if you see a bow on a head. It is time for parties and relaxation, fun and entertainment.

If you see a bow on your neck, it means that you are mistaken in some issues, but you still want to prove your opinion. If you see a bow on clothes, it means that you try to attract man’s attention in vain.

To tie a bow means a possibility to increase income and social status. If you tie it to somebody else, it means that in real life you need to support your relatives and friends.

For a lady, to see a lush bow in her hair, means that very soon she will take part in love intrigue, which will not cause anything good.

For a married woman, a luxurious bow means love relations with a young not married man.

For a man, a dream with a bow is a sign that he needs to dampen his love ardour; otherwise he will regret later on.

If you lost a bow in a dream, very soon you will be disappointed with things you do in life.

Bow in love dream interpreter means that pretense in love is inappropriate, it is better to be good friends, than bad lovers.

Bright bow in somebody’s hair is a symbol of betrayal and deception.

If you dream of a bow on your shoes, it means that a deal which you manage now is unprofitable; nevertheless you shouldn’t give up on it. With a help of this affair you will meet a lot of influential people who will help you in the future.