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Boxer - Meaning of Dream

You are burdened with own responsibilities, moreover moral and physical load is too heavy - these feelings are predicted by a dream with boxing sport event. There will be a big cause for the negative feelings. But, despite your wish to dispose of this painful load, in the coming days nothing will work out. So you have to monitor and control what is happening to you.

For a woman, dreaming about a boxer or she attended a boxing match, this dream indicates her loyal nature and pleasant behavior in relationships. Dishonest and irresponsible people, who surround her, may negatively affect her reputation.

Dreaming of yourself in a role of a boxer means that you will be obliged to fight for the idea or for justice. And the main reason for such efforts will be a desire to please someone.

If a dreamer saw himself as the greatest boxer, then in reality he is experiencing real suffering because of a misunderstanding of people around. Nobody can properly assess his abilities.

To wear boxing gloves means to cherish illusory hopes. Dreams will remain dreams and, so don’t expect the implementation of any plans in foreseeable future.

Boxer in a dream book by Miller is a prediction of upcoming excitement and emotions caused by the fact that you don’t know how to control the situation.

To see boxer’s fight in a dream means that some of your deals needs close attention, because it is difficult to control.

In a dream you are a boxer, it means that you will encounter an upcoming opposition of your enemy. For a woman, such a dreaming is a signal to prepare for the meeting with a rival soon.

If you are a popular boxer, it means that you also want glory in real life, and want your folks and relatives to accept your nature. This attitude and situation will not be easy to change.