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Boxing - Meaning of Dream

Boxing predicts the appearance of a very painful feeling: you feel that fate is unfair to you, the usual duties will cause disgust and boredom, love doesn’t please you anymore, and friends will only irritate. Still, try not to faint and adequately encounter all trials. Alas, the situation will not change for the better in the near future, so take it easy and be patient.

Dreaming of a boxer or boxing events indicates your tendency to friendship with empty and frivolous people. Be careful and choose your friends more carefully - your carelessness can be costly.

If you see yourself as a boxer, in reality you have to overcome a fight for attention and favor of a rich and powerful man.

In a dream you were an unordinary fighter, an outstanding celebrity who is idolized by fans, in reality you will agonize and worry about your lack of demand.

Put on boxing gloves - unfortunately, all your hopes will melt like snow.

Boxing in a dream book of Miller is a hint to get ready for a fierce fight and open confrontation in the sake of own interests.

In some cases boxing gloves on a subconscious level reflect your readiness to rush into a battle. At any moment, without hesitation you will fight for your own interests, which characterizes you as a brave and strong person.

If you were engaged in boxing, it is an alarming sign that indicates negative emotions and aggression inside you. Fortunately for others, you successfully hide it.

To be a professional boxer in a dream means that colleagues and friends do not want to see your strengths and personal victories and it greatly offends you.

If you talk to a boxer, you will have to deal with a strong, but narrow-minded personality.

For a young man boxing in a dream is a sign of long journey which will stay in his memory.

For a young lady it is a sign that many admirers will fight for her heart.

If you see yourself observing boxing and cheering for a favorite boxer, in real life be ready for sudden fatal shock.

To hear a sound of a gong, which notifies the beginning or the end of boxing, means that a dreamer will worry a lot for the life of own relatives. Other meaning of this dream is that a dreamer might lose something pressures.

If some of your relatives or friends are boxing, it means that in real life they will try hard in order to organize an entertainment and please you.