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Bra - Meaning of Dream

A bra is a symbol of cunning and coquetry. This detail of intimate wardrobe appeared in the dream books not so long ago, however, its meaning was not difficult to interpret, as underwear and shirts were popular for several centuries. Symbolization of a bra can change depending on its size, features and small details. In general, a bra is interpreted as women’s wiles or cunning acquaintances.

It is necessary to understand what a bra means for men. Although this is a pleasant dream, still it hides some pain and bad experience. It is possible that after such a dream a man will have problems with sexual vigor, and it is worth to urgently contact a doctor.

If you dream of a bra with expensive decorations and beautiful form, this wonderful night vision portends a favorable turn of events. It promises high evaluation of your work, a premium or a promotion.

If a girl sees herself in the mirror in her underwear, the dream states that she is especially impressionable and vulnerable; most likely, she does not have a defender.

A bra of a huge size portends close intimacy with a dear person. If you are singe in reality, this dream promises casual sexual relationships, which will not develop in the prolonged feelings; therefore you shouldn’t waste yourself on empty people.

If a woman tries a bra on, it bodes that she will find herself in the unpleasant situation. Someone might gossip and discuss her life behind the back. She should be careful not to make mistakes.

An awkward situation is if a woman forgets to wear a bra foreshadows the imminent conflict. In the next weeks it is better to keep the mouth shut; namely, not to join the discussion or contradict a man. It is better to be kind and flexible, than to be left without a husband or work.