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Bracelet - Meaning of Dream

Bracelet symbolizes the sphere of personal relationships. Therefore, it is always identified with the obligations in relation to another person. If you don’t like a bracelet, it predicts participation in the scandal. Positive changes are coming if you see a luxurious bracelet on your hand.

For a young man this dream promises a hasty marriage. If you receive a bracelet as a present it has the same meaning and can be interpreted as a mistaken union.

If this sort of jewelry has defects: fallen out stones, the curvature, or other damages - the marriage will be short-termed and unsuccessful.

If you’ve lost a bracelet in a dream, you will encounter obstacles and troubles. Bracelet, torn off your hand and thrown towards your husband or his relatives, foretells a scandal that will completely destroy your relations.

If you dream of a person who presents you a bracelet and fastens it on your wrist, it means that you will become a faithful wife.

Bracelet presented by your loved one, according to the dream book by Miller, promises happy and early marriage. If a woman loses a bracelet, it foretells her some bad events. In this case, she should be ready for variety of failures and trouble. If you happened to find this piece of jewelry, it promises you possession of the property.

A bracelet in Vanga’s dream book is a restriction of freedom, passionate desire and affection. Obtained as a gift, it predicts a pleasant surprise. Losing your jewelry reveals regret for unused abilities.

If in a dream your attempts to remove the bracelet from your hand are unfruitful, it means that you are burdened by existing affection in real life.

Broken bracelet carries the threat of sorrow, sadness and loneliness. If you present a bracelet to a stranger, you will have new romantic encounter and lasting passion. If you see a lot of bracelets on your hand, it is a sign of psychic dependence.

If a bracelet was made of gold, it means that somebody of your male relatives or a stranger has very negative feelings towards you. Silver bracelet foretells insignificant troubles.

If a bracelet is broken or it has not all details, it means that you will be separated with somebody.

If you drop your bracelet from your hands, you will see the necessity to make a serious decision.

If you buy a bracelet, it means that opinion of strangers will be vital for you. You are scared to make own decisions and rely only on somebody else.