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Braid - Meaning of Dream

Despite the fact that the hair symbolizes the natural wealth and beauty of women, it does not always portend profit. The correct interpretation of dreams about hair depends largely on the image itself and actions performed with it.

Therefore, if you see the process of hair braiding, this sign is very controversial. Such a dream warns that you should behave prudently. The braids in a dream do not always have negative meaning. And you should always pay attention to the color of the hair.

The braid of black color will surely bring you profit. And it is evidence that you will soon meet with a reliable person who will be a real guardian angel for life.

Braided blond hair in a dream does not promise successful consummation of the affairs. Most likely, it promises an awkward situation. To avoid this, you need to carry a ball of glass in your pocket.

If you did braiding by yourself, you will reveal someone’s secrets. If you braided someone else’s hair, you will take part in the discussion of unpleasant facts about the lives of others. For a man, such a dream is a sign of betrayal, and for women - family feuds.

In another interpretation, braiding itself indicates a frivolous conversation, during which the others will try to fish out hidden information. The favorable outcome depends on the length of the braid. The longer the braid is, the more pleasant the relationship with a person whom you met recently will be.

Short braid promises short-lived relationships. If you bind a braid with a lace, it reflects your desire to consolidate the established familiarity.

Sometimes the process of braiding is interpreted the same as combing - the long road. If you easily braid the combed hair, you will have to take part in the events beyond your will. If you did braiding for your friends, this dream portends gossips about them.

If you plait the hair of a stranger, it also does not bode well; you still need to beware of gossip and slander around your name. If you plait the hair of a small child, it tells that you should listen to the advices of the older generation with the utmost rigor; only then the affairs will develop smoothly.

If you braided your hair while looking in the mirror, get ready for serious changes in life. If you dream of a thick braid and healthy hair, this is a sign of good luck; dull, thin and small braid portends trouble.

Not only gender of a dreamer matters, but also the age. If a young girl is engaged in braiding, it foretells an entertainment or assignation. For a married woman, this dream foretells troubles in the family until the divorce; and for business person - difficulties in financial affairs.

If you cut off the braided plait, this is a signal of disgrace. If the hair is constantly knot in the process of braiding, you will face the same confusing circumstances in reality. Only the inner voice will tell, what to expect from the future, because often the answer is found on the subconscious level.