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Branch - Meaning of Dream

To dream of growing branch which is heavy with ripe fruits means that you will enjoy prosperity and all pleasures of life.

Withered branch heralds you to receive sad news from people who are far away. Dry branches foretell bad news about someone who is missing.

A branch with fruits and green leaves bodes wealth and excellent time spent with friends.

Green fresh branch means that your dreams will come true. Branches on a tree mean that hopes will not be fulfilled.

Cut broken branch promises imminent fulfillment of dreams. Branch with flowers portends help from friends. Branch with fruits foretells help from relatives.

Usually branches in dreams symbolize brothers, children and all relatives.

Thick branches - a great family; there is a possibility of additions to the family.

Rare and stunted branches are a prospect to live life in solitude.

If you cut off a branch from a tree which you’ve grown personally, it's a sign that you seem to want to get rid of a family member.

When in a dream you manage to taste the fruits from the branches, then your children will certainly take care of you when grown up.

If the fruit from a branch has a sour taste, this dream foretells worries and anxieties.

If the fruit is sweet, it is a time for you to experience glory and honor.

If somebody presents you a branch, he/she will be the reason of your troubles.

If you hold a branch in your hands, it means emergency change in the affairs.