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Brassiere - Meaning of Dream

Bra in the dream has many meanings.

If a woman sees herself in a dream in underwear, it symbolizes her vulnerability and loneliness. You should pay attention to the behavior of the enemies and other unpleasant people - soon they can cause you a lot of troubles. Perhaps, somebody will start gossiping about you and spread false rumors, however, it will contain certain amount of truth. In the near future do not trust strangers and do not abuse revelations with outsiders - intimate information that gets into the hands of enemies, can be used against you.

If you see yourself in a beautiful expensive bra in the mirror – expect for a new acquaintance or get ready for unexpected turn of events in life. You will be appreciated and it will exalt you in own eyes and give more confidence.

If you take off dirty or torn bra, it means soon you will get rid of hassle and major troubles. Conversely, if you put on a bra - you will reap bitter fruits of recently made mistakes.

For a woman, to get a gift with luxury bra in a dream means that she will have a huge success, which can be reflected in any of the fields of activity: a sudden and fast promotion track, big win in lottery, profitable friendship. You will be surrounded by increased attention and concerns not only of a loved one, but also of strange men. Thanks to their efforts, you will feel like a queen.

For a man a dream, in which he sees a woman in a bra, means that in a short time he will meet a beautiful stranger, and in order to attract her, he will put a lot of efforts.

If a bra is simple, modest, not laced – it means that you will be disappointed in love. All your attempts to lure beauty in your net will fail. Conversely, if a bra is large, luxurious, terrazzo – it is a symbol of reciprocity. But do not think that you will get everything so easily –you will have to work in order to achieve the desired results.

Color also plays an important role. White or flesh-colored bra means prosperity and good fortune. Black, though doesn’t mean grief, yet warns of some mysterious danger. Perhaps you should get ready for the hype - do not be too trusting. Red bra means that you will have strong feelings and emotions towards your beloved one.

If a lady buys a bra in a dream, it means that she will get tired of her partner and she will try to find a new one.

To try on a bra means that a dreamer has chosen a wrong way, if she doesn’t change own attitude, there will be only lies and deceit in her life.

If you forget to wear a bra, it means that soon you will have misunderstanding with colleagues and close friends.

A dream with bust – can be interpreted in different ways, depending on details and the sex of a dreamer.

If it is a young lady, the dream is a warning about disease connected to her breast. For a man, a dream with bust is a sign of a romantic date.

If you see bust of a sculpture, in real life you have to review your actions relating to important affairs.

If you see somebody molding a plaster bust, it means that your life will suddenly change because of a lucky event.