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Bread - Meaning of Dream

Bread is a symbol of success and a secure future. Still, there are a lot of details that may affect the interpretation of this dream. To correctly decipher the dream you need to analyze them. Then you can most accurately say what is necessary to prepare for, not to be trapped.

For example, for women to see themselves in a dream while eating food and biting bread it threatens of sorrows. In this situation, the good solution will be to check the expectations of the various actions: it is possible that in some cases they are clearly too high and can’t be fulfilled.

You should also understand what bread means if it is dried. This is a sign that in the future you may come upon the troubles that cause poverty and lead to suffering. To avoid this, it is necessary to take measures in advance and to provide fallback solutions; for example, to create multiple sources of income.

If you dream of fresh bread, which you want to bite, it is a good omen. Emergence of such a dream is a sign of the favor of destiny. If you dream that you squeeze a crust of bread in your fist had, it means that you need to pay more attention to your duties. Otherwise future troubles will hurt you. Naturally, if you take the initiative and time to do everything, even the great misfortunes will pass you by.

According to Miller dream interpretation, the dream in which you had to share bread with others means a secure and comfortable existence. So, do not be greedy in your dream and don’t hide the last piece of bread from others.

Eating of fresh bread in a dream is a bad sign only for women. It predicts troubles with children who got out of hand, despite all the efforts of mothers. If the bread is eaten whole, without a piece left it means the death of a loved one. It is believed that for everyone else eating bread in the dream is a sign of prosperity. This means that in any affair you will be able to find benefits.

Top crust of fresh bread in the dream has a special meaning: you will grab a piece of the wealth; it is a sign of hospitality and, oddly enough, to have an abortion. Once again this proves that you should not take everything you see in the dream close to heart. With such various interpretations you can be quite confused in the meaning. There is no doubt that musty and stale bread does not promise anything good.

However, stale piece only shows that your former keen interest to the case or to the person has vanished. If someone treats you with fresh bread, but you don’t have the feeling of joy, then the relationship with this person is tense and in reality you will have serious argues.

For married people, bread is hospitality and tenderness in a relationship with one another; for lovers it is a sign of the fact that it's time to start a permanent, lasting relationship with a partner.

Understanding and interpretation of dreams involving bread depends only on the dreamer. Finally, if you are in a dream eating rye bread, it means that supreme understanding will always reign in your house.

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