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Break - Meaning of Dream

If you break something in your dream, this is a signal of failure because of own stupidity. If your stuff was broken by a stranger, the dream tells that someone in reality will unintentionally become the cause of your misfortunes.

If you saw something broke by itself, get ready for the collapse of your hopes. Sometimes, such a dream may be a harbinger of good news. That is why, it is important to remember what was broken in a dream.

If you break furniture, this is a harbinger of household scandals, because everyone will try to prove their case. If you break a window in a dream, it forebodes losses in reality.

Broken engagement ring in a dream can bode unfounded jealousy that will deprive a dreamer of peace. If you break your limbs, it foretells the unwise spending of recently obtained means (inheritance, winning). Broken tooth portends news about the loss of a loved one or a friend; if you see blood with a tooth– you will lose a blood relative.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you break something in a dream, this is a bad sign. Broken hand foretells the difficulties and failures at work. Broken furniture bodes household quarrels, showdown and restless state of mind. If you broke a window frame, you will lose some valuables in reality. A broken ring foreshadows the destruction of the settled way of life and beginning of unworthy and dangerous situation.

In Vanga’s interpretation, broken branches that prevent the collection of harvest portend ineffectual and transient events, which can ruin your mental and physical balance. If you found yourself among the ruins of a broken tower, it tells that you will destroy own well-being by reckless actions and decisions.

Freud stated that broken fence is a sign of extremely risky sexual relations. If you break a broom because you don’t need it anymore and it is useless, it signifies that you have an overwhelming desire to get rid of someone. Because this person is so intrusive, he/she irritates you in everything; but for some reasons, you refrain from decisive actions and conversation. Do not miss the moment, when you can change everything.