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Bribe - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed that you bribed someone, in reality you might feel devastated. Most likely the cause of sadness and melancholy is someone’s insulting, poor health or a decline in business. It is possible that at the moment you are waiting for the court's decision, which, unfortunately, will be not in your favor.

If you dream that you get a bribe, it foreshadows that you will be tempted and may perform a shabby act. If you saw a stranger giving a large bribe to official person, it foretells that you will soon become a witness of some conflict. A dream about bribe advises to remain neutral and not to intervene in the conflict.

Taking bribe in a dream book by Miller predicts unclouded happiness and prosperity. For business people it bodes very successful cash transactions. Dreamed as if you gave a bribe, foretells that you will miss the opportunity to solve the problems at one stroke. Chances are that people around will start to criticize you for something, and you're likely to get upset very fast.

If a young unmarried girl dreamed that she was bribed with money or jewelry, it portends her marriage with wealthy man, whom she will love not for money but for the kindness and docile nature. If you watched someone giving a bribe to another, it means that you will get into trouble and might feel uncomfortable. You bribed a person you know, this dream foretells troubles through your fault.

If you are caught red-handed for bribery, it foretells success in business, and expectations for a big change.