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Brick - Meaning of Dream

A brick in a dream may indicate the development of some serious plans for the future, including long-sighted plans. It is likely that your ideas or creations will be approved by your management, and you may be luckily promoted.

If the position of the top brick in the setting is shaky, it tells that you have to be ready for unpleasant conversation with your boss, which however will not affect the career and work.

If the bricks in a dream fall at you, this means that your destiny will soon change dramatically in a positive sense. Some good news or perhaps almost transcendental luck will help you dealing serious cases or issues that could not be solved before.

A brick in a dream represents strength, great power and a solid foundation. Overall, this dream means that all projects which you started will be managed safely and carried out efficiently.

If you observe as something is being built with the bricks in your dream, it indicates your big concerns about possible failures at work.

If the brick construction starts to fall apart or the design is too shaky, such a dream states that you are worried because of own mistakes. Most likely, you have to reflect on your attitude to business and work, otherwise you might encounter setbacks in the construction of your future financial foundation. You must be careful and try to treat your work responsibly.

For a young man this dream portends sudden or unexpected receipt of money; for example, a gift or a prize. If a person in love dreams of a brick, this indicates the initial stage of relationships that only start to build a foundation. The level of reliability of this union may be tracked in a dream; as the thoughts and events of real life are displayed in the dreams.

If you work or your life is associated with life-threatening professions, this dream warns of risk for health, however you will avoid the danger.

Overall, a dream about brick is the key to reliability, strong relationships and success in business. If you dream of brick falling from above, do not worry, it's not a prophetic dream, but merely a harbinger of positive change in your life.