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Bricklayer - Meaning of Dream

A bricklayer in a dream is considered as a bad sign that promises the dreamer complications in affairs, conflicts with partners, slander and undeserved charges. Despite the fact that you are not the reason for the occurrence of these problems, the circumstances will affect the development of your affairs not in the best way: you run the risk of incurring significant losses and lose prestige deserved through years of a hard work in the business environment.

A dream, in which you were watching the masons building a house, is also a bad omen. In most cases, this dream portends disappointments in important matters or an unexpected treachery and betrayal even by the person whom you fully trusted.

If you talked to a bricklayer, it is evidence that you will host dear guests, who come to you from another city or state. You haven’t seen these people for a long time, and they can tell you a lot of interesting news.

In a dream you were working as a bricklayer - get ready for the fact that your long and hard work will not bring the desired results. The business, which you devoted all your time and invested a lot of money, won’t prove its value, and all your efforts to improve the situation, will be in vain.

Also, if you are a bricklayer, it signals that you will have to conduct joint business with people who will seem boring and limited. You will not be able to work well with these people as their perception of life and opinion on important issues related to the common matters will be dramatically different from yours.