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Broth - Meaning of Dream

Broth in a dream promises you guaranteed support of true friends that are sure ready to rescue if you get into a problematic situation. In love this dream foretells a harmonious and long-lasting relationship based on sincere feelings and tenderness.

If you ate hot and fresh broth it means that you fling yourself whole-heartedly into the carnal pleasures, and will follow sensuality. If broth was cold and tasteless, you will experience awkwardness and shame for pleasure, which you can’t refuse.

If you pour it into a cup, be ready for a fight with your sweet heart. Happily, the altercation will be temporary, and you will soon make up. Just keep in mind: the old trusty relationship will be back on one condition - you need to be more attentive and caring person who knows how to sympathize with the suffering of others.

Spilled broth foretells unexpected events and unpleasant accident. If by awkward movement you poured broth over your clothes - during hard times in your life, you will receive powerful backing from the influential and wealthy man who has great connections.

If you fed a sick man with broth, it indicates some troubles which you will manage with ease.

If you cooked broth, you will inanely waste your efforts and time in order to carry out own plans. Your efforts will be noticed by right people, and you will be successful and recognized.

According to Miller if you ruminatively look in a plate with broth, it foretells news and tranquility. If you watch strangers eating the broth, then very soon you will get married.

For a girl, to cook broth in a dream means that she will marry handsome and most importantly very wealthy man. If you rushed to cook the broth, it means that you are the master of own destiny, you used to go forward safely and stubbornly and hence achieve the target.

Broth in a dream – is a symbol of family celebration or appearance of a new member in the family.

In a dream you drink broth, it means that you will derive a benefit from affairs you have at present time.

Chicken broth in a dream means pleasant acquaintance with family.