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Brother - Meaning of Dream


According to David C. Loff’s cyclopedia of dreams, it is normal to see your brother in your dreams who is a member of your family in real. You should become curious in your dream explanation only when you don’t see your brother in your dreams, however you have him in waking life and vice versa (in your dreams you have a brother but actually you don’t). You’d better pay attention to such dreams. They can bear a sign or prediction.

If there are all members of your family, except your brother (who exists in reality) in your dream, such a dream characterizes your interfamilial relationships, your attitude toward him in particular. Evidently, you are not close enough. Maybe, this dream intends to show how grey and dull your life would be without your brother. Is there a chance that you’ll reconsider your opinion about him and let him into your life?

Seeing somebody as your brother in a dream (though you don’t have the one in reality) represents your attitude to that very person (you like and trust him/her fully) and a strong desire to have your own person near. You could share your experience and feelings with him, spend time together, help one another and just have fun.

If you’re seeing your own brother in a dream, it is a favorable sign. It bodes a series of successful events. Don’t hesitate to make the first steps towards bringing your dreams to life. They will necessarily be crowned with success!

But you’d better not argue with him because it implies that you may be hard hit by your carelessness. Be very attentive always and everywhere. For example, there can be your ill-wishers who want to bring disaster upon you. Don’t trust everybody and his dog. Otherwise, you may suffer significant losses in the result. To deserve your trust, they should pass a test, in some cases even a test of time. Regarding the world experience, unfortunately, a betrayer and your friend/good acquaintance can be in one. Also, keep everything under your control, especially your business affairs. Thus and so, you can avoid serious financial damages.

If you’re fighting with your brother in a dream, it indicates that your relations will be improved in real life.

Seeing an elder brother in your dream means that you need support right now. Apparently, there are life circumstances which are difficult to manage by yourself. That’s why you wouldn’t reject help or advice from a respected and experienced person.

If there is your dead brother in a dream, it is a very good sign for you. It foretokens a long and happy life. Seeing that your brother has become ill presages him sound health during the whole life.