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Bucket - Meaning of Dream

There are a lot of interpretations of a bucket, depending on how it appeared in a dream. Therefore full bucket always portend good deeds, success and profit, perhaps the main prize in the lottery; empty bucket is a harbinger of deception and disappointment. Perhaps, it also means that all your efforts will be empty and you will not get what you want.

If you go with a bucket to the well, it means a reward for hard work; full of water – honor.

If you fill a bucket with milk, it is a harbinger of prosperity or acquaintance and entertainment in a pleasant company. For young woman, if she carries a bucket in a dream, it signals of family joys.

If a coalscuttle appears in your dreaming, it warns you to refrain from crazy actions, because they cause only disappointment. If you watch your neighbor caring a coalscuttle, it is a herald of bad taste and vulgarity of some of your close friends.

To see yourself in a dream collecting harvest in buckets in own garden is a favorable dream, it forebodes you improvement in affairs and financial independence.

If you dreamed that a bucket fell down, and contents poured out, it foretells you troubles, which will happen because of your carelessness and negligence.

Heavy bucket that you carry portends you management of all affairs alone. If it is heavy because of water, the dream states that all your achievements were gained only because of hard work.

If you see a bucket on a yoke, it is a sign of care and protection, which you may not noticed until now, but you analyze the curse of events recently, you might understand that everything didn’t happen accidentally.

If you need to fix a bucket and you do all possible, it signifies the fact that you are helpless in real life, and you may lose the desire to act.

Leaking bucket with water coming out portend lost opportunity to change own life for the better.

If somebody pours water out of a bucket on you, it is a harbinger of changes in weather.

If you search for a drop of water in a bucket because you are thirsty, the dream interpreters advise you to be patient and hope for better times.

Rusty bucket is a sign of gossip and slander. A bucket without a bottom warns of wasting time for communication with worthless people.

Large bucket in a dream leads to useful contacts with man of authority.

If the water in a bucket is clear, it portends that your future will also be very bright. If you scoop water with a bucket from a creek, it shows your ability to fall back on fraud in order to get decent earnings.