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Buddha - Meaning of Dream

Buddha in a dream is a foreteller of your plans which can be managed with the help of a person, whom you have bad relations with. It is essential to change own perception of life and review own desires.

Statue of Buddha in a dream symbolizes the absolute unconscious, support and wisdom. It is a signifier of advice and luck. You life is full of opportunities and many affairs will be lucrative for you.

If you are observing and adoring Buddha statue, this dream reveals some of your concerns, and inability to share your emotions with others.

Also Buddha is a reflection of someone strong and influential who will break in your life, and whom you will honor and idealize.

Being a Buddhist in a dream denotes the necessity to remember and distinguish a clear difference between western and eastern religion.

If you see somebody speaking to a Buddha in a dream, in real life somebody is searching for a trustful talk with you, but he/she doesn’t have enough courage.

To see yourself talking to Buddha foretells that you will be lucky in everything.

If you see a Buddha talking to a believer, it means that someone will help you in financial affairs.

A dream, in which you observe Buddha image signals of peace and lull in all life spheres. Finally you can rest and may not worry about things that happen around you.