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Buffalo - Meaning of Dream

Buffalo in a dream is a symbol of a difficult task which can be solved only with the aid of men of weight. If you observe a buffalo, it is a warning that you have many enemies, but do not worry, they will be very stupid, and you have all chances to take precedence over them.

If a buffalo is white, it means that your enemies will be powerless against your intelligence and insight. Due to notorious fact that white buffalos are very rare in nature, this dream indicates your uniqueness and ability to neutralize the competitor.

If you see a defeated buffalo, it foretells your ability to solve your troubles easily and to get a general recognition with no additional efforts.

To hunt a buffalo in a dream indicates the possibility to plunge into an interesting affair very soon. And you might devote your life to it.

A dream in which a buffalo tries to hurt you means that your state is unstable; therefore try to be more careful and watch out for the enemies.

If you kill a buffalo, be ready that somebody will manipulate you with the means of deception. Most likely there is somebody in your surrounding who tries to take your property. For a woman, such a dream is a sign of successful management of difficult task, which will bring respect of men.

A furious buffalo means that you have loaded somebody with responsibilities or took too much work which you are not competent in. Both cases might influence your undertakings badly.