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Bug / Beetle - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming about bugs is the personification of your preference to be in the society of modest and tolerant people; you are a supporter of meaningful actions. In the future you plan to work in order to achieve the target, and will systematically approach the goal.

If the beetles are seen by people engaged in physical work associated with cleaning and landscaping, this dream promises success and prosperity.

The small beetles in your bed can portend suffering from minor troubles, or your social status will be reduced. A dreaming about killed beetles, says about your diplomacy, through which the conflict will not take place and the position in society will be strengthened.

If you catch beetles, it signals of favorable events, profits and joy, the size of which is directly proportional to the number of the captured insects. Presumably, the relations in the family or with your sweetheart will improve. In professional activities you will gain the deserved honors.

If you crush or trample beetles in a dream, it portends that in reality you will hurt yourself.

Weevil beetle is a harbinger of unexpected and unpleasant turn of events; but if manifesting ingenuity it is possible to keep a decent position. In personal life, this dream foretells indifference and lack of candor.

If you dream of a chafer, perhaps an important business partner will not behave correct, but in behalf of the development of affairs you will have to be patient.

If you poison the bugs with insect powder, it tells that your decisive actions will contribute to insinuate you in people’s confidence and permanently avoid intrigues of enemies.

If the beetles are creeping over you, this dream is interpreted by Miller as a sign of poverty, deprivation, and troubles. If you manage to throw off those bugs in a dream, it is a good sign.

A dreaming about a lot of insects, bugs and snakes foretells a lot of gossips. If the bugs are crawling on your belly, it forebodes that you will have to do hard and unpleasant work.

Teeming mass of beetles and insects predicts illness and grief.