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Bulldog - Meaning of Dream


An image of a bulldog in your dream is ambiguous. More or less it concerns your attitude to business, family, other people; their attitude to you (there can be evil-wishers); consequences of your past deeds.

It denotes that soon you’ll meet an interesting person who will become a true friend of yours. It is a person you’ve been waiting for so long. At last, you have somebody you can fully trust and rely on in any situation, no matter how difficult it is. Regarding your business, you may have powerful auspices who will get you out of different troubles.

A bulldog in your dream can also be a symbol of a situation control though. It denotes that you keep abreast of all the affairs both at work and inside your family. You don’t have a desire to entrust your business to somebody else’s hands even for a short period of time. It is a praiseworthy behavior. It shows that you feel responsibility for everything you do. But as your business will develop you won’t have time and efforts to watch everything and everybody. You’ll have to share your responsibilities. Not to worry about their carrying out, start looking for a person/people whom you can trust. Moreover, it is harmful for your both physical and mental health. You can drive yourself to exhaustion if you keep working head off.

If you are seeing a peaceful and glad bulldog in your dream, it designates that all your ill-wishers’ attempts to let you down will be in vain. It can happen that they will throw sand in your wheels, but you’ll cope with all troubles on your way and gain success. So, don’t hang your head down in any case. If you put honest efforts, things will sort themselves out.

But if a furious bulldog is attacking you, it represents that there will be some rough situation in the nearest future. To solve it you won’t see another way out except of breaking the law. But it doesn’t mean that your problems will fade away if you choose this path. Furthermore, you’ll be totally sucked into your fraud. To justify it, you’ll be ready to forswear. Only you will know its outcome.

Such a dream also means that you should beware of the situations which can make you blush and drag negative consequences because you will have to pay an exorbitant price for it.

Seeing that a bulldog is clinging like grim death or hurting you foreshadows that you’ll have to pay for your deeds in the future. If there are some mean actions under your belt, you must know that you won’t get away with them. If you regret about them, try to smooth them away. Otherwise, be ready to answer for your deeds.

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