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Bulldozer - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a bulldozer in progress, it is a very auspicious sign, promising protection of the influential person who has a lot of power. If you dream of a broken bulldozer, this dream foretells that you will hope for someone's help in an extremely difficult situation in vain. If you want to avoid such a situation you should get rid of carelessness in your behavior.

If you run a bulldozer like a virtuoso, it means that you will have a lot of sensual pleasures. Yielding instincts, you will forget about everything and will fully immerse yourself in the world of pleasure.

If you worked hard in a bulldozer, be ready for an invitation to a fun friendly party.

If you see a bulldozer approaching you will a deafening roar, in reality you will get acquainted with a man who will attract your attention in spite of his unpleasantness and rude nature. Most likely, after several meetings a long-lasting relationship will appear between you.

According to Miller’s dream book if you raced on a bulldozer, destroying everything on your way - troubles and problems will make you worry. If engine in bulldozer doesn’t work, you will have a desperate struggle for a place in the sun.

If you observed the work of a bulldozer, it looks like you have a lot of work that will bring you health problems. Try to learn to relax and not to respond to small stimuli. Eschew enemies and do not open the soul to random interlocutors. In other words, take care of your mental health and be sure to thoroughly relax, otherwise constant fatigue can result in a nervous breakdown or prolonged depression.

Bulldozer in the dream is a symbol of your poor judgment, which later you will have to pay for.

If you drive a bulldozer, it means that all plans will be managed, and you will be happy. Bulldozer is used to damage barriers, and remove obstacles or people. This is what you try to do now in your life.

If you work on bulldozer, your dreams will come true and you will receive exquisite pleasure. If you control a bulldozer easily it means that you feel ashamed for own actions.