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Bumper - Meaning of Dream

Bumper is a symbol of the unexpected difficulties, money problems, unusual situations, as well as acquaintance with intriguing and interesting people. Details of a car are often seen not only by representatives of the stronger sex, but also by the beautiful ladies. And the explanation for these dreams may also be quite different.

For example, a dream about a bumper as a part of a car means that a person will have some difficulties in life, which he/she expects the least.

Usually, dreams with a bumper also indicate some financial problems. If a person is an entrepreneur or is working constantly with money (cashier), it is possible to lose a large amount of money. Beware of such a turn of events, especially because the loss can occur due to carelessness or excessive trust to other people. Try to talk about own work less and with more caution.

Another meaning of a dream is if you see a bumper on your own car, but it doesn’t match the color or configuration. In this case, you will have unusual situation in which you will be a protagonist. To see a bumper of other brand on your car means big troubles which you can easily solve.

However, do not specifically focus your attention and worry in this respect. You can get out of this situation due to the resourcefulness and ingenuity.

If in a dream you see yourself as a mechanic who places a bumper on a car, it means interesting and intriguing acquaintances. A new friend in your surrounding will be really captivating. But whether to trust him/her or not is your own choice.

If you buy a bumper – you will cardinally change your life.

To see a damaged bumper means to be disappointed or have losses. Don’t be upset, you will not lose a lot, and everything can be restored.