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Burglary - Meaning of Dream

If you watch a burglary from the side and do not interfere in this process, you will discover a romantic interest, which you will not treat seriously. For this reason, it will not last long.

If you took part in a burglary too, then you together with your company will be punished for having very bold amorous adventures.

If you were engaged in a burglary alone, without partners, then you will be guilty in the collapse of someone's family relationships. It is also possible that you will cause serious distress to someone because of your love intrigue. If you commit a break in by yourself– the dream reflects your desire to become wealthy.

To catch a burglar is an auspicious sign. Dream book foretells that as a result of favorable set of circumstances you can get a good benefit. It may be, for example, a victory in a lawsuit or a great reward for good work.

According to Miller, love affairs and adventures await a dreamer, if he/she witnessed burglary in a dream. If there was a burglary and robbery of own home, apartment, garage, or other premises to which you have a direct connection, it means that your health requires attention. This dream warns: if you do not take the necessary steps, you can become seriously ill. If you find yourself breaking into someone’s house, but after inspection of the premises you leave absolutely everything in its place, then you are threatened with some danger, which is not likely to cause much harm.

If you see a burglar in a dream, this dangerous figure warns about invasion of unpleasant news or individuals into your life.

If you notice a burglar while he is doing his job – be ready to repulse the attack of your enemies.

If your house was broken in -you need to pay attention to your health.

Break in has also the meaning of improving your property affairs. If a burglar attacks or threatens you–you will obtain additional income or money for which you have already set plans.

Burglar in a dream interpreter warns you about annoying news or evil people.

If you see yourself as a burglar, it signifies that you dream about rich life.