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Burn - Meaning of Dream

Burning in a dream signals of a loss of vitality; idle energy consumption (e.g. aggression); emotional rage instead of search for rational constructive solutions; in a positive sense - the meditative aspect of concentration in one of the stages of individuation.

If you ignite yourself, it tells that you are advised to get checked with your health physician.

To see like something is burning foretells to take a new proposal or demonstrate initiative.

To burn means to change morally for the better and to receive joy.

A dream, in which you are burning in the fire or are embraced with heat (illness, etc.) suggests that you possess a lot of doubts about the correctness of your actions, in the assessment of other people and events.

If your hair on the head is burning, this dream promises you a great profit.

If you see wood in fire, it portends you unexpected events.

To see brightly burning gas foretells success and happiness, dull fire signifies failures in business and in love.

If you see still-smoldering embers, it promises you to be lucky in different spheres of life.

Dream of fire burning in the fireplace foretells that something very good will appear in your life.

If you dream of a burning building, it is a sign of happy changes, or joy for good luck of friends.

If a burning building allegedly belongs to you, it bodes that you will continue your business with double power, and the joy awaits you in the family.

Dreaming of a burning candle - means that by happy coincidence of circumstances you will meet an old good friend.