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Bus - Meaning of Dream


Bus in the dream, is a symbol of mood, changes in current affairs.

If you dream of a brand new, beautiful bus just off the assembly line, be ready for happy changes in life that can be connected with both personal affairs and career.

If you see yourself in the rush hour on the bus and you can’t get to the exit, it means that you will participate in some mass events, such as a meeting, demonstration or rally.

If you drive a bus to work, it means that you will have major changes in professional affairs.

If you are waiting for a bus at the bus stops, in reality you live with the expectation of a meeting, which should play a serious role in it.

If you take the bus in the dream, it means that you have a romance with a person who doesn’t cause you any sincere feelings in heart and soul. If you see yourself in a dream as a passenger of a bus, maybe you do not like the fact that nobody sees you as a leader. Also it means that you can’t afford much, as you don’t have enough money.

Other passengers in the bus symbolize your real relationships with people. If you see a bus, which is crowded and you missed it, it means that you think that your life is passing you. Your existence is grey and boring, devoid of any interesting beautiful and bright events.

If you get off the bus, you will be able to use a happy chance in life or win the lottery.

If you go on the bus, it also means a sudden change of weather. If you are experiencing discomfort in the bus, the weather will be cloudy and cold; if you are comfortable, there will be windless and sunny weather.

If you dream that you are watching how passengers push each other in a crowded bus, it means that someone will quarrel because of you. Therefore, in real life, you need to think of every word, in order to avoid provocation of a conflict.

If you see yourself sitting in the bus and feeling as comfortable as possible, it means moments of joy in your life.

If you missed the empty bus in your dream, it means that you have to rethink your whole life experience. After a reassessment of values​​ you can take a fresh look not only of yourself and the relations with loved one, but also on the world.

Bus, is a multi-valued symbol, which depends on the circumstances and events of the dream.

If you see a bus that stopped in the mountains on the road, according to Vanga dream book it is a good sign, it means that soon you will be able to make an interesting journey, where it will be possible to meet new, interesting and at the same time sufficiently influential people.

Also dream book of Vanga describes the situation when the bus rushes at a great speed, after this dream you have to be more attentive, since there are possible adverse actions and decisions, about which you might regret in near future.

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