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Business card - Meaning of Dream

If you see a business card in a dream, it means that fate gives you an excellent opportunity to climb the social ladder at least for one more step. In the near future you will get a tempting offer from your business partners. If you accept it, then it may lead you to success. If you refuse to participate then you might wait for very long for another opportunity.

If you give your personal business card to someone, then be ready for failures in financial sphere. Business affairs will be better to postpone for some time.

If, when you handed a business card, it fell out of your hands, then scheduled affairs will only cause disappointment, and perhaps even damage the property.

In a dream you are engaged in manufacturing of business cards, it means that you will buy something important and advantageous.

If you were offered a business card, and you took it, it portends that you will find your place among business people. The same dream predicts that you will have reliable and competent partners.

If such a dream is seen by a woman, it means that she will have loving relationship with a man from the business world.

Business card in a dream book by Miller foretells a business proposal. Dream book says that it is not desirable to refuse such an offer. Moreover, you will get it in the most appropriate time, which will help you to carry out hopes and dream, and therefore, the result will make you happy. Romantic acquaintance and good development of relations predicts a dream in which a girl was offered a business card.