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Butcher - Meaning of Dream

The dream in which you had the opportunity to meet the person who is a butcher, portends that real life will soon require from you a decisive step that will have a direct impact on the fate of the people close to you or your children. If in the dream you try yourself in the role of butcher, it means that someone you know for a long time you will disturb you with various signs of attention and will attempt to prove his loyalty, however awkward manifestations of these attempts will only disappoint and upset, and won’t not please you. The dream in which you were sentenced to death and your beloved one is an executioner, promises you deep emotional shock in the near future. If you are present in the dream on executions and attempt to prevent the hangman to execute the condemned, symbolizes your subconscious protest against the injustices of life.

Butcher in the dream book of Miller. If you were the butcher in the dream, and you did the execution, in reality you will have to come to terms with the situation in which you will be unable to influence events and circumstances. The dream, in which you see a hangman who refuses to execute a man, symbolizes that in real life you are often mistaken in difficult situations. The reason for that is your rebellious nature, and the dream warns that you need to bridle own character and learn how to be more flexible in difficult situations. If you are doing butcher’s job in your dream, it is a sign of your subconscious dissatisfaction with own work, the nature of your business, because deep down you agree that the method of you earning for living is not the most honest.

Butcher in the dream book of Vanga. Butcher, is sinister role in human life, respectively, in a dream this character does not mean anything good. If in a dream you see yourself in the role of butcher, in real life, you should be afraid of any disease in the near future, you will feel very bad, all the evil done by you lately will come back to you in a hundredfold and will bring excruciating pain. If you see like butcher cuts off the head, and you are present at the execution, in real life, you will experience a great worry, which will be associated with something very important relating to your family. Dream in which you see yourself as sentenced to death and beg butcher for mercy, predicts that in the near future you will not see any happy days. Adverse situations that will develop around you will bring you suffering, the understanding of the impossibility to change what is happening and the awareness of own helplessness before fate.

Butcher in Freud's dream book. Butcher, is the person who must give effect to a judgment of the court, it is a symbol of that for all acts committed in life sooner or later you will have to pay. The appearance of butcher in a dream symbolizes that you actually feel anguish about actions made ​​by you, and suffer from fear of upcoming retribution for own mistakes. You think that your behavior and actions done recently are the betrayal of own principles and relationship with your loved one. This dream warns that it would be better not to reproach you in vain and try to change for the better.

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